Our Mission:

'to build and nurture critical minds set for the rapidly evolving world of journalism and communication'

Our Vision:

'to strengthen democracy in the Gambia through quality journalism and effective communication'

Our Aim:

Known for high quality outcomes and champion of journalism and communication training.

Welcome to MAJaC

Welcome to MAJaC

It is with profound gratitude, pride and humility that I welcome you to the Media Academy for Journalism and Communication-MAJaC. I am honored and blessed to be given the opportunity and responsibility of leading and managing an institution that placed the learners at the heart of what we do.  Managing MAJaC is exciting, yet challenging because we churn out graduates expected to strengthen democracy by informing, educating, helping people make informed choices and often times entertain. In 2018, MAJaC was awarded the Human Rights Champion by the Gambia Press Union in their annual journalism excellence award. MAJaC had an exciting past which saw the school underwent a remarkable transformation in terms of teaching and learning, enrolment, facilities and curricula. Our journalism programme which is aligned to the UNESCO standards for journalism in Africa and accredited by the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority-NAQAA has produced award-winning journalists, editors and journalism tutors. Our teaching approach is learner-centered hinged on media ethics, analysis, critical thinking and research. Due to the hands-on training approach, the academy is lauded as “a revolution” in journalism education in The Gambia. This has also positioned MAJaC as a model for teaching journalism in the country. We have since developed, reviewed, tried and tested our communication programme and are now rolling it out. The curriculum is designed to prepare trainees with the requisite knowledge and skills to serve as communication officers, communication assistants, journalists and or public relations officers.Recently, we introduced the Film and Photography programme is to cater for the ever-growing demands of the creative industry. This programme supported by International Trade Center through the Youth Empowerment Project is intended to prepare trainees with the required knowledge, skills and the right attitude to serve as photographers, filming assistants and or content producers.With the world going digital, we intend to in the future introduce Digital Media Production, Data and Investigative Journalism, Media Management and Digital Media to Counter Disinformation and Hate Speech.The right professional training is the legacy that parents, guardians, sponsors and donors can leave trainees coming to MAJaC because we understand the dynamism in media, communication and in the creative industry. And with the world becoming a global village, we prepare our trainees for the demands ahead and accord them the knowledge, skills and right attitude to excel anywhere in the world. We strive to produce leaders who will be at the forefront of ensuring equality, transparency, democracy, economic prosperity and social justice. The demands of living and working in a global economic community necessitates adaptable, flexible, analytical and above all creative young people with the right skill set, knowledge and character to meet the many challenges that lie ahead.So, the place to horn your skills in the area of communication, film and photography and Journalism is MAJaC.I look forward to welcoming you to our community.Sang Mendy Managing Director 


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