Empowering Gambian Youth Through Film and Photography

Apr 19, 2023 10:23 AM | Article By: Abibatou Ceesay

Eid Photoshoot Flyer


Pro5 Studios is a startup business established by 5 young enthusiastic Gambians. They are part of the first cohort of a film and photography course run by MAJaC. The course that lasted nine months was supported by International Trade Center through Youth Empowerment Project.

Susan Njie, one of the members of Pro5 Studios told MAJaC Media that the skills they've acquired ignited their interest to create the startup. She added that they acquired the right skills to produce professional video and photography.

“The film and photography course has shaped us a lot, The course enable us to creatively tell stories through the lenses and granted us the confidence to be self employed. We are indeed grateful to the International Trade Centre, through the Youth Empowerment Project and MAJaC for this wonderful opportunity. We look forward to creating job opportunities by transferring the acquired skills to others.”

Contact them for all your Eid pictures, birthdays, weddings and other events.
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