MAJaC Launches project "Strengthening CSO's and Media for improved Democracy and Good Governance."

Jan 19, 2024 1:50 AM | Article By: Abibatou Ceesay

Project Launch


The Media Academy for Journalism and Communication (MAJaC)launched a project titled “Strengthening CSOs and Media for Improved Democracy and Good Governance". The project which is funded by the United States Embassy in The Gambia, seeks to build and empower the capacity of 20 Community radio journalists and 20 CSO members on interactive radio programming and proactive advocacy.


Sang Mendy, the Managing Director of MAJaC says, the CSOs and the media lack the capacity to engage in proactive advocacy and interactive content, thereby making it difficult to reach their targets. This project he said, will bridge these gaps by equipping the Media and CSOs to effectively play their watchdog roles. Mendy urged the participants to be committed and actively take part in the trainings. 


“We look forward to your dedication, commitment and your desire to learn and share during the cause of the training”, he continued.


Susan Solomon, Public affairs officer at the US embassy Banjul said the media is a pillar of a healthy democracy, while highlighting some of the challenges journalists in the Gambia faced during the former regime. The US Embassy she said, is committed to helping Gambian journalists through various projects, trainings and fellowships.


“We are happy to launch this project. MAJaC is producing leaders, journalists, media experts who will be at the forefront in ensuring equity, democracy, transparency and economic prosperity”.


Other speakers included Modou Joof, Secretary General of the Gambia Press Union, Alagie S. Cham, program officer at TANGO and Amadou O. Bah, Secretary General of Community radios in the Gambia.


Media Academy for Journalism and Communication is committed to building a network of empowered CSOs and media professionals with the aim of creating a lasting impact on democratic processes and promoting a culture of good governance.


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