Our Programmes

Journalism Level 1-4 (Foundation –Advanced Diploma)

Journalism is part of our everyday lives. Every day, people interact with content produced by journalists from television and radio, to newspapers and magazines, to websites and social media. News and journalism are the tools in which people learn about current affairs all over the world, and journalists can influence the public in a way that few other professions could. Through our journalism programme, we open your mind to see the world differently with a critical eye. We help our students to:

  • Be curious and inspired
  • Care about accuracy
  • Think well on their feet and handle deadlines
  • Think critically
  • Enjoy building networks and talking to people
  • Care about the quality of language
  • Have an aesthetic eye
  • Like being in the know about current events

Communication Levels 2 (Certificate)

As human beings, we crave for connection, socialization, and communication. Even the most introverted person needs to be in dialogue in some way with others. Today, communication is considered as one of the most vital fields of study. On daily basis, we communicate in verbal, non-verbal, via text, social media, email, graphics or otherwise. These forms of communication are key to a functioning society. Needless to say, studying communication can be a rewarding and fascinating.

Pursuing communication at MAJaC allows you to discover the interdisciplinary factors of this field of research and also to find out how communication between people has changed over time. Our communication programme is offered to communication assistants, journalists thinking of going into cooperate affairs and fresh school leavers interested in studying communication to pursue a professional career. The virtual world is changing at such a rapid rate that it seems impossible to keep up with. However, MAJaC prepares our communication students to stay current on all the changing trends in media and be able to analyze them.

Our trainers prepare our students to develop and manage relationships as well as work effectively with others while developing important life skills, critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution, team building, [and] public speaking.”

Film And Photography Level 2 (Certificate)

Whether you are interested in creating still images (photography) or moving images (film) you will need to learn a mix of creative and technical skills. The Film and Photography courses at MAJaC include composing and taking photographs and videos or darkroom techniques to manipulate images. Film courses can include directing and camera work, sound and lighting as well as post production techniques, such as editing, colouring and visual effects. The course also covers the history and social impact of cinema.

The creative industry in The Gambia is worth millions per year and it is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy. MAJaC helps students to forge an exciting career while exercising their passion, creativity, and technical talent. If you love the idea of using technology and art to make your mark on the world, then a career in the creative industry may be right up your street.

A Film and photography course at MAJaC will give you an in-road into your dream career. The skills you learn in our Film and photography course will mould you in goodstead to move into a variety of other sectors too, including marketing, advertising, communications, and the media.

We Also Offer Short Term Specialized Training In

Investigative Reporting Court Reporting Business Reporting
Environment and sustainable development reporting Agricultural Reporting Community Journalism
Sex and reproductive health reporting Health Reporting Sports Reporting
Crises and crisis management Communication strategy and plan Mobile Video Reporting

Why Study Journalism At MAJaC?

Studying journalism at MAJaC means preparing oneself for the rigours of the newsroom and or the will to pursue a variety of paths in journalism and communication.

Supported by our passionate faculty, the journalism programme provides a core of coursework in journalistic practice. You will also gain professional experience through on-campus exercises, preparing you to leave the academy with the skills necessary to pursue a career in journalism.

Our Staff:The GPU J-School hires highly qualified and experienced local and international trainers to maintain the standards set by the owners and the accrediting body.